Ted Lasso: That Troubling Storyline (No, Not Nate’s)

— Did you just giggle, asks Keeley.

— I don’t know, did I, Rebecca coyly responds.

— Look at you, so excited. That’s so bantr, a place where minds can come to invest, Keeley posits.

— I think the best thing about being anonymous: No need for small talk. Only Big Talk. Agreed?

— Yes, she types.

— So, what are you looking for on here?

— Love, I suppose.

— Hey, Bossgirl. just a quick thanks for being one of the best parts of my day. It’s you and breakfast tied neck and neck.

— Okay LDN152, enough sparkling reportee. just tell me who you are.

— What kind of a spy would I be if I told you that — oops!

— Crazy day at work today, but I can’t stop thinking about you. Maybe we should meet…

— Oh shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!, Rebecca panics.

— Wha, wha, what, what?,

— Oh God, this can’t be happening!

— But it is.

— I just knew I shouldn’t have come here.

— But you did.

— Oh my God, I’m a pedophile. I groomed you. All these messages, I was grooming you.

— So, can we not do this again sometime, Sam asks, longingly

— I’m…going in alone, Rebecca answers to the unasked but implied question

— Ok, Sam relents

— Just saw your interview. Are you around?

— I live at 152 Wargrave Square SW11, he quickly responds

— Why did you send me your address? She asks.

— For next time.



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