Kurious Jorge: Anticipated Not Forgotten

Sometimes I wish I could take you back in time. Not because of nostalgia — I lived the era and enjoyed it — but more to SHOW you what life was like before the world of Rap got all topsy turvy.

Our view of what was important, what was good, what we wanted wasn’t driven by a machine telling us what to like. Yes, the machine was there but we cared more about the product than Billboard or nominations.

As a result, there were tons of artists that we loved that may have never become mainstream. Kurious was one of those for me — an MC whose album that I anticipated for months and rushed to the store upon its release.

The way the world was then, you relied on The Source, Yo! MTV Raps, Rap City, liner notes, and yes, Radio, to inform you of new artists. One of the best radio shows to break said artists was the Stretch and Bobbito show.

If an artist made it to that show and caught wreck, their rep grew exponentially. Well, Kurious Jorge was one of them. And not only was he rhyming, you could tell that he was coming off the top. That was a trait I admired in an MC.

Kurious was mad funny and when I read that he would be working with the Beatnuts, that was all I needed. I got the cassette in January of 1994 and I listened to it daily until March 8th of that year (I remember the date because that’s when Hard to Earn dropped). Constipated Monkey was an example of anticipation and reality lining up perfectly.

I’m not sure if people do this anymore, but I listened to CM, nothing else, day in and day out. Walking to class, my boarding home, on the 13 and Marta to work. That was it. I don’t know how many units Constipated Monkey moved, I don’t care. Nor do I care about anyone else’s perception of the album.

Everyone had an album like this. Something that matched their sensibility, a record that they championed and never forgot. This is one of them, so shout out to Kurious.

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