And Now…For a Commercial Break

A lil merch for the peoples

What The Hell is Real Hip Hop is the brand, Context of Rap is the label, and this here is the first of the merchandise that we have to offer.

Get a shirt — shirts not your thing — we got masks, bags, and socks. You can even rest your head on a Real Hip Hop pillow.

Also, you can go over to IG and check our Context of Rap page. You can either scroll down and take a walk back in time, or start at the bottom and watch the history of Recorded Rap unfold before your thumbs (with historical posts for context).

So Get Your Merch at CONTEXTOFRAP.US — add our IG on to the cipher — and get you a Paid Subscription to our Real Hip Hop newsletter, Aight.





b-boy, Hip-Hop Investigating, music lovin’ Muslim

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b-boy, Hip-Hop Investigating, music lovin’ Muslim

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