I have to first tell you about a different era. If you’re not from this time period that I’m writing about, trust me, it’s different.

There was a time when rappers had songs about partying, bullshit, they jewels, the women they got, all of that, but then they would turn around and have a song about some form of consciousness.

2pac having songs like “Dear Mama” and “Brenda’s Got a Baby” wasn’t an anomaly, it was normal.

One of my favorite songs from that era that I speak of was Ed OG & The Bulldogs “Be A Father to Your…

Remember when people were trying to figure out what the hell Drill was? Before the UK was going hard body with the music, before there was a Brooklyn version.

There was a young dude, 15, that became the voice of the then little known Chicago movement. That was back when he was making his name in Chicago high schools and YouTube.

Remember that?

Remember when he got a co-sign from Kanye? Remember the two month or so bidding war between Grand Hustle, Cash Money Records and Jeezy’s CTE. That was the power of a single. “I Don’t Like” was the…

Between the years of 1991 and 1994 there was a serious buzz about Nas. Being on Breaking Atoms the summer of 91, Return of the Product the summer of 92, the Zebrahead soundtrack that fall, it was like a hive of bees, that buzz.

Seeing this photo in the April 94 Vibe was one thing, but the write up of Illmatic in the Gangstarr covered Source (Apr 94) was a whole notha motha. That Jonathan Shecter article was titled “The Second Coming.” The Second Coming, yo. …

There’s so many ways to do this Rap thing: You got the Braggy Brag Hook Raps — talk a lot of shit, say a catchy hook, collect streams, there’s the Sing Song Emo Rap — it’s all the rave now, there’s the Rappity Rap Rap — it ain’t easy to gain success like that now, it’s possible…barely, and then there’s the Storytelling Push the Boundaries Rap — this is eye of the needle stuff rightchea.

Well, balancing on the eye of that needle is Joyner Lucas.

Maybe ya heard of him from that “I’m Not a Racist” jawn. The YouTube…

I only know two things:

  1. The show takes place in Brooklyn


2. Video Music Box recorded it.

Kool G Rap and A Tribe Called Quest were on the bill. Kool G Rap did a few songs (he may have been between Road to the Riches and Wanted Dead or Alive) let his dancers catch wreck, it was cool (no pun intended). A Tribe Called Quest on the other hand, were at the height of their powers. …

Ya may have caught that Silk Sonic performance during the 2021 Grammy’s — Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak in their best throwback wears and dance routines. “What a combo,” I thought as I chuckled at the retro-ness of it all. Bruno Mars has sold upwards of 79 million units worldwide, and is well known for his singing/dancing talent.

While .Paak ain’t touched them numbers, anyone who’s ever caught an Anderson .Paak performance has been swept up in his energy, enthusiasm, and ever-present smile.

Thing is, journalists always have a hard time classifying the Oxnard, California (as if it’s their job…

If I start, “If I ruled the world…,” you will likely give your best Nas/Lauryn impression, “I’d free all my sons.” You might not know of or haven’t peeped that scene in Krush Groove.

It’s possible that if I say, “they’re playing basketball…,” you might laugh and say that you remember that Bow Wow song.

The way that the Rap world is now, eras are bracketed by months. It’s not uncommon for someone to be hot in June and forgotten by January. …

This event took place long before and long after two key moments in Thug’s life. It took place long before he was one of the first rappers to say that he had contracted COVID-19. And it took place equal parts before Slim Thug made his name on them late 90s/early aught Swishahouse releases.

It was during what many consider “The Blog Era” that this event took place. The year, 2010 — the disruption of mainstream media was in full swing. As a result, these outlets began flexing their access muscles by linking up with established artists.

For whatever reason, Vibe

If you want strange stories, stories that come out of left field, stories that screenwriters would give their left nut or ovary to pen, look no further, dear reader than the genre of Rap.

Like the D.O.C. getting in an accident and only losing his voice — just strange — maybe tragic is a better word, in the literary sense of the word tragic.

Take our multi-platinum, groundbreaking sista, Foxy Brown, who hit us with one of the catchiest sex punchlines, “my sex drive all night like a trucker.”

Fox was introduced to Jay Z by DJ Clark Kent, shined…

The story begins with a Long Island rapper releasing a song with his group on a fading label. In the early to mid 80s, the Aleem brothers label, NIA, spelled success (“Release Yourself” and “Cosmic Glide” were my favs).

When Supreme Force released “You Gotta Come Out Fresh,” it would be the last year that NIA was in existence.

What happens next is a common story in the pre-cell phone days — from the Spoonie Gee to Nas, MCs landed opportunities for just being present when no one else was. Spoonie made his first album because he was at his…


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