Ok, so we bout to talk about Black music.

“Take Your Time (Do it Right),” S.O….S.S.O “S.O.S.” S.O.S Band were the shit in 1980. Those songs were on their debut. The next two (albums) ain’t have no hits like that.

Something had to shake. And shake it did. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis got added on to the cipher and from 1983 to 1986 came hit after hit. In 87 though, the voice of S.O.S., Mary Davis, bounced. Two more albums came. But the magic was gone.

Kurupt got his start on the last S.O.S. album.

Producer Curtis Williams was…

March 2012.

A sleepy song, “Staircases” was released. Apparently it was a song that had been around since the Summer of 2011. Featured on the song were Buddy and Kendrick Lamar. Buddy was advertised as Pharrell’s protégé and Lamar had just released his debut album, Section 80.

History is a strange study. You go into it knowing the end result. The reader knows how things will transpire — there’s no surprises. But in the moment one can only make predictions based on the information at hand.

By 2012, the Neptunes had been making hits for over a decade. Lamar had…

He wasn’t known as Bullet because of his ability to make smoothies. Felony got in some trouble, was on the run, when his brother found him took him to Portsmouth, VA. There, they recorded “Foe Dem 4 Thangz” b/w “Piss on Your Tombstone.”

And it was there in VA that he found his manager, Nate Motley, who was going to Norfolk State at the time. Motley was from Queens and knew Jam Master Jay which is where he took that two song demo.

JMJ was so impressed, he signed Felony and got him a placement on the Jason’s Lyric Soundtrack…

It was becoming shockingly clear — the orange face man just might win the Republican nomination.

It was also clear that “Make America Great Again” was a dog whistle for closeted racist. Folks were getting booted out of Trump rallies though. This was after the mockery of Mr Kovaleski, but before the grab em by the genitalia reveal.

Yeah, you had people reporting on this but no one was speaking into the spirit of how some of us really felt. Enter: YG.

YG told Billboard, “At first, I really didn’t believe that it was going to get this far so…

The divide and conquer tactics have been strong these past forty years. Where once oppressed people of Mexican descent and the Black man of America once saw similarities in their cause for justice, we seldom even think in that regards now.

The Brown Berets were united with the Black Panthers, protests like the East LA walk-out drew inspiration from the Civil Rights movement. And when a culture made its way west in the mid-80s, Black & Brown were united in that as well.

That’s how it came to be that Frost was one of the OGs of the LA Hip-Hop…

“Remember Rappin’ Duke, ‘da ha, da ha’,” pro’ly not.

Outside of “Juicy,” I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone under 35 knows what the fuck Biggie was on about. Well, there was once a form of popular music in the mid to late 80s that saw a level of success — that was the parody song. “Rappin’ Duke” by Air Force veteran/comedian Shawn Brown is one example.

But he would be a one-hit wonder of the genre. Bobby Jimmy, on the other hand, was a frequent producer of the style.

Nowadays, Russ Parr is a Morning Show, Drive Time powerhouse, known…

And that’s not an insult.

If Pippen didn’t play alongside Jordan, and Jordan didn’t exist then Pippen would have been that dude. Further, them titles came because Pippen was the best support that MJ could have had.

The same thing applies with NWA. The plaudits are given to Ice Cube. And if the praise isn’t doled out to him, then the DOC’s pen game is mentioned. Rarely do people now talk about Ren — and MC Ren was the shit. That’s why Eazy E brought him in.

O’Shea Jackson was an architectural drafting student at 2555 E. University Drive in…

Once upon a time there was a culture. Although it didn’t have its own staple foods, and the language was still (originally) English, it was a culture all the same. It was a culture because it was a way of life.

It was a way of life that was mostly based on the dancer (though, one aspect was separate of that). There was no hierarchy. The DJ played the music that the dancer wanted to hear and the MC aided in that effort.

Oft times, DJs, MCs, and Dancers, either started as writers (graf) or they still were. Dancers became…

What? Flav? You might be going through your mental roladex of all the fuck shit that o’boy’s been involved in (and of that, there’s been plenty). But I’m talking about the shit of his profession.

Hype Man, an MC in his own right, Flav set the standards that are still being used to this day. And, on top of all that, this is the guy that change the modern look of Reality TV. Flav is a National Treasure — giving him flowers while he’s living.

Before Flav, I can’t even think of a Hype Man. In fact, when Rick Rubin…

Before Bain Capital’s Varsity took total control of the competitive cheerleading world, the National Cheerleader’s Association Championships would air on CBS or ESPN and it was then that I realized, “oh shit, this is a sport.”

When I look back on it, only the big personalities, the popular girls, the envy of others, only they were the Cheerleaders. LightSkinKeisha was a cheerleader and once I read that little factoid, it all made sense to me. She was bound for some form of entertainment.

So when LA Reid was looking to shore up the roster for his new venture, HitCo, he…


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